ISO 9001

Quality is in the modern industrial production is understood as the ability of manufacturers to ensure that the manufacturing process to take place under precisely documented processes that compliance is effectively monitored and to ensure that product quality is stable. Therefore, it is introduced so-called quality management system according to European standards ISO 9000, which sets out what principles must be observed from design, construction, through the acquisition of the necessary components, tools and auxiliary materials to shipping finished product.

Quality management system in our company was established in 2001 and was subsequently re-certified in April 2005. Quality management system is examined by an independent certification company Best Quality according to the revised international standard ISO 9001:2000.

The functionality of the system introduced quality is checked by regular scheduled internal audits. Based on the results of internal audits, summary reports of complaints and internal production requirements, customer comments and suggestions are taken preventive measures to improve quality. Checking the quality of our products are based on market research and customer requirements.

For functionality of this system was necessary developed or revised, extensive documentation and issue a series of organizational principles of setting standards for all activities of the organization and be retrofitted with additional rehearsal and production of new meters and monitoring and testing devices.

The concept of quality and its management system is becoming a matter of company employees. Not only have to implement programs for their protection but to continuously growing corporate climate in which quality is becoming a central theme.